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Glass edging is the process of hand or machine finishing glass that has been cut to size. This treatment prepares the glass for its intended use and makes it easier to handle, to install hardware pieces, to enhance character or to customize. There are many types of glassworking: edging, pattern cutting, drilling notches and holes, sandblasting, engraving, etc.

Edging :

Arrised edging or minimum edgework : The sharp edges are hand or machine seamed with an abrasive belt. The flat surface of the cut edge remains unchanged.

Grinding : The entire edge is machine grinded with diamond wheels. Gives a satin finish.

Polishing : After preliminary grinding, the edge is machine polished with resin wheels. Gives a clear finish.

Mitering : The edge is cut at a predetermined angle. The angle can vary from 910 to 1350. Gives a clear finish.

Beveling : The edge is cut according to a predetermined size. The maximal size of the bevel is 1 =" (38 mm) .
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