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PSD of C-90 C-90V C-90E
1700-300 um 10%
300 -53 um 65%
<53 um 25%

Glass Type SiO2 Al2O3 CaO MgO K2O Na2O Fe2O3
C-glass 65-72% 1-7% 4-11% 0-5% 0-1% 9-13% 0-0.4%
Use: Paints
Type: Natural
Colour: White
Composition: Inorganic
Appearance: Powder

Glass Flakes
Glass Flakes is a C glass platelet with thickness of 5 micron. it is made of 12000 melt glass marble, by blowing bubble cooling smashing filter milling and other processing steps. Glass Flakes is mixed in a paint as a lining material and applied onto surfaces of metals and concretes, and also is utilized in applications such as pigments and cosmetics.

How does it work
Glassflakes particles form dense, inert barriers within the paint film. Overlapping layers of glass resist water and chemicals permeating the paint film. The addition of glass also increases the flexibility, hardness and abrasion resistance of coatings.

Tough, flexible, abrasion resistant
Extensive track record includes: offshore, subsea, chemical tanks and process vessels
Specifications up to 25 years to 1st major maintenance are achievable
Chemical resistance to a wide range of cargos
Specifications can be tailored to customers end requirements
Supply Capacity
2000 MT PerYear
Available Colors
Standard off white
Condition of Goods
80x50x30 cm
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
30 days
Model Number
C-90; C-90V; C-90E
Minimum Order Quantity
1 MT
Warranty Coverage
labor and materials 90 days
20 kg