Sell Glass microsphere used for road marking paint

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Application for:
(1) Road mark reflective object
When driving at night, the headlights light on the graticule of glass microsphere, and that make the light of car light reflect parallel. So, drivers can distinguish road direction and drive safely. When the top big glass microsphere is worn, the small ones take into action consecutively. Normally, we have two level of glass microsphere, that is no. 1 and no. 2.
(2) Metal cleaning and polishing
The glass microsphere made from sodium lime glass has good chemical stability, some strength mechanically and certain hardness. So it is good abrasive material.
(3) military pnumatic shot blast
It is also can be used for cleaning the turbine, blade and axel of airplane engine.
(4) It is also can be used for deluxe photoetch decoration, filler and reinforcement
It is used in chemical industry as filler and reinforcement. Generally speaking, glass microsphere is widely used due to its durability. New technological application fields are developing.
Product description:
Diameter(um) Sieve Mesh No. Proportion%
No. 1:
>850 20 screening0
850-600 20-30 screening20-30
600-300 30-50 screening30-80
300-106 50-140 screening10-40
<106 <140 screening0-5
No. 2:
>600 >30 screening0
600-300 30-50 screening40-90
300-150 50-100 screening50-60
<150 <100 screening0-5
Product Feature:
Chemical and Physical Properties:
Clean appearance, no obvious impurity
Basic material sio2>62%
Spherical shape
White colour
Specific gravity 2.4-2.6g/cm
Hardness (Mohs) 5.5-6.0
Refractive index 1.5-1.61
Roundness >80%
Specific Standards:
BS 6088 A/B
JIS R 3301
CNS 4232
AS 2009/2002
Relative Information:
Waterproof plastic braided packing bag(600*400) with one layer of inner plastic film. Weight 25kg/bag.
L/C or other negotiable payment conditions.
Brand Name
Golden Bridge
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