Sell Glifosato (Glyphosate) 41% SL

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1. Product Name: Glyphosate 41% SL
2. Other Formulation: 95% Tech, 75.7% WDG
3. CAS No: 1071-83-6
4. Trademark: King Quenson
5. Standard: FAO.
6. HRAC Classification: G
7. Packing: 200L, 20L, 5L, 1 L.
8. Delivery Time: In 20 days after confirmed L/C
9. Action: Non-selective, systemic Herbicide; Post-emergence application (weeds)

Absorbed by foliage and rapidly translocated throughout the plant, Glyphosate prevents synthesis of essential aromatic amino acids needed for the protein biosynthesis. On soil contact Glyphosate becomes inactivated.

Glyphosate is the largest using agrochemical for non-selective use and transgenic Glyphosate-resistant crops. In genetically modified crops, such as soybean (Soya) or cotton, Glyphosate became a selective herbicide.