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Symphisis Consulting is a fastest growing, buyer centric / supplier independent, Global Outsourcing Management and Consulting firm. Offshore Outsourcing or Offshore IT/BPO definitely has some great advantages, only if planned, managed and implemented effectively. Most of the businesses looking to offshore fail to leverage Offshoring to its full potential. This often results in lost opportunity, losing competitive edge and most importantly loss of value for stakeholders.

Symphisis Consulting, working on behalf of buyer businesses, ensures that they get best and sustained value through Offshore IT / Business Process outsourcing initiatives. Through the entire IT/BPO life cycle, we constantly ensure that offshore IT/BPO effectively meets buyer's business and strategic objectives.

Cost, Quality or Process Improvement - what ever your objectives are, you will find Symphisiss comprehensive outsourcing solutions very effective to generate sustained value.

As an organization looking for value based offshore outsourcing, you are faced with many challenges. Many of the advantages like cost savings, value and effectiveness of off shoring, also create some unique challenges. Our Off-shore IT/BPO consulting services address all those challenges.