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GlobeTrotter HSDPA

GlobeTrotter HSDPA is the ultimate PC Data Card solution bringing
phenomenal broadband wireless capability to laptops and notebooks by
combining HSDPA UMTS, EDGE and GPRS technologies in a single PC Card
On a HSDPA network, GlobeTrotter HSDPA enables connection to the
Internet at data speeds of up to 1.8 Mbs. In areas where HSDPA service
is not available the GlobeTrotter HSDPA still enables reliable and
secure data connections over UMTS at up to 384 kbs, EDGE (up to 247 kbs)
and GPRS at up to 85.6 kbs.
GlobeTrotter HSDPA is the ideal companion for the mobile professional
enabling the Internet, Email, Video Conferencing, and office
applications with real-time secure VPN access to corporate applications
whilst on the move.
Connect anytime, anywhere!
 Provides HSDPA and UMTS High-speed data (up to 1.8 Mbps)
 connectivity for mobile users
 Provides EDGE/GPRS/GSM data (up to 247 kbps) connectivity
 Transparent handover between UMTS and GSM/EDGE networks
 Compatible with nearly all popular notebook PCs equipped with Type II PC card slot and Microsoft Windows operating system
 Securely access corporate resources with its transparent support for IPSec and VPN technology.
 PCSC-driver for EAP-SIM and other 3-party applications in need of a Smart Card Interface.
 Supports third party applications that provide Video Telephony (3GPP 3G-324M, H.324, H264 Baseline Video) , SIP, SMS, IM, MMS, Internet and Email.
 Comprehensively tested on infrastructures and network worldwide.
 GlobeTrotter Mobility Manager application (Connections manager and SMS centre) .
 Future proofing through Flash Memory technology
 Available as two hardware variants:
o North America (850/1900 MHz HSDPA/UMTS)

 HSDPA/UMTS Air Interface:
o North American hardware variant: NAR: US-PCS 1900 MHz; US-Cellular 850 MHz or
o EMEA hardware variant: 2100 MHz
o 3GPP FDD compliant - 3GPP Release 5, June 2004-06
o UE Category 12, QPSK, - 120Kbps+ n*120Kbps up to 1.8Mbps Peak Rate
o UE Power Class 3 (+24 dBm)
o High Speed packet-switched data:
 Support for UMTS QoS traffic classes
 Support for PPP, IP transparent and non-transparent modes
 Circuit-switched data Single-RAB streaming: 64, 57.6, 28.8 and 14.4 kbps
 EGPRS/GSM Air Interface:
o EMEA: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz (US-Cellular, EGSM, DCS and US-PCS bands)
o 3GPP Release 99, September 2003 + Change Requests. - compliant
o 3GPP Release 4: GERAN Feature Package 1 (NACC, Extended UL TBF, Delayed TBF)
o EDGE Power Class E2, GSM Power Class 1 at 1800/1900 MHz and Power Class 4 at 850/900 MHz; coding schemes UL & DL - CS 1-4, MCS 1-9
o Packet-switched data:
 Multislot (E) GPRS Class 10, (E) GPRS Class B Type 1 MT
 Streaming, Background & Interactive QoS Classes Supported
 Circuit-switched data: 14.4, 12.2 and 9.6 kbps
 Terminal Equipment Interfaces:
o Drivers: Windows (TM) 2000 Pro, Personal and XP Pro and Home, MAC OS X. NDIS 5.1 interface on request
o A PCSC compatible driver, compliant with ISO 7816 and 3GPP TS11.11
o SIM-ME interface as specified in 3GPP Rel '99 GSM TS11.11 and GSM 11.12 and with compliance to ISO 7816.
o SIM Application toolkit capable SIM to 3GPP Rel'99 GSM TS11.14.
o Standard modem emulation for compatibility with terminal programs/diallers and for use with proprietary operating systems. AT Interface 3GPP TS27.005, ATD*99# and ATD*99***<CID># support
o Multiple USB serial ports for simultaneous data call and network coverage reports

 Card Type: Extended Type II PCMCIA compliant; 3.3V card. (32 bit Cardbus Interface) .
 Miniature External Antenna Connection,
 SIM card interface compliant with 3GPP 31.101 and 31.102 supporting 1.8 and 3V UICCs
 Environmental Operating temperature: 0 to +55:C

 R&TTE directive 1999/5/EC (health, safety, SAR, EMC, spectrum) , CE
 GCF compliance and PTCRB as applicable, Operator and Infrastructure IOT
 Microsoft WHQL certified drivers
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