Sell Glossy Ganoderma’s Spore Oil Soft Capsule of Dabieshan Brand

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Scientific research discovered that the true essence of glossy ganoderma is the biological active substance of lipid stored in glossy ganoderma spore which is the main component of giving full scope to its efficacy. This product is made of carefully chosen spore power of red glossy ganoderma of segment wood growing up in the wild circumstances of GAP in the hinterland, Dabieshan, China, which is collected with seven days mantle bag. The product containing 38% biological active substance of spore lipid of the pure glossy ganoderma is extracted and concentrated at low temperature through chromatography and purification by high-efficient full cracks and modern high scientific technology of supercritical CO2 liquid and it is also the essence of the spore of glossy ganoderma. The oil of ganoderna spore is the sample of Chinese traditional medicine which is made as western medicine. It concentrates the advantages and strong points of Chinese traditional medicine and Western medicine. The dosage of Chinese traditional medicine is big, but slowly takes effect, the dosage of Western medicine is small, but quickly takes effect; because there is difference in purification and concentration. The important mark of producing Chinese traditional medicine by western method is to adopt modern technology of western medicine to improve the purification and concentration of Chinese traditional medicine. It is fully cleaned up the ineffective components in glossy ganoderma by means of the supercritical extraction technology and greatly concentrates effective components with the characteristics of quick efficiency, apparent effect, permanent effect, non-poisonous and side effect functions, and it fits every people.
Functions: 1. Adjusting immune function, strengthening the blood circulation of heart, potentiating digestive system and respiratory system.
2. preventing tumour, ameliorating sleep, improving disease resistance.
3. protecting liver and expelling toxin, accelerating metabolism, cosmeticizing, moisturizing skin and resisting senility.
4. tonifying, strengthening the body resistance and consolidating foundation, adjusting central nerve and endocrine system.
Its main adaptive symptoms: 1. recuperating the nervous prostration and other exhaustion syndrome, and chronic disease caused by debility and sickliness, long-term fatigue and pressure.
2 reduction of leucocyte, insomnia, anorexia, lassitude, vomiting, etc. of tumour patient caused by teletherapy and chemotherapy.
3. preventing and curing hepatitis, hepatocirrhosis, chronic bronchitis, asthma, hypertension, hyperlipemia, diabetes, phthisis, etc.
4. menopausal syndrome, sexual disorder; coronary heart disease, debility, fatness and deificiency of both qi and blood caused by arteriosclerosis.
5. fatness of old, sweating due to debility, palpitation and dyspnea, oliguria and frequent micturtion, of old people, and constipation, insomnia and dreamful sleep, dyspepsia.
6. skin roughness, complexion gloom, hairs exiguity, sore and speckle, which are caused by the long-term work before computer.
The product is produced in normal factory building according to the standard of GMP(manufacture standard of excellent materia medica) . The product has been assayed and confirmed by the current notarial office SGS of HongKong, wins the certificate of quality testing of heavy metal, microorganism and toxicity of medicament, and fully accords with the international safety standard.