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Product explanation:
This apparatus is designed to perform tests specified in many standards to check Resistance to Fire in Insulating parts. The testing of electro-technical products for fire hazard is conducted by simulating as closely as possible actual effects occurring in practice. Parts of electro-technical equipment which may be exposed to thermal stress due to electric effects & deterioration of which may impair safety of equipment shall not be unduly affected by heat & fire generated within the equipment.

* Meets requirements of the latest IEC specifications as per IEC 60695-2-10 (2000-10) .
* Precision fine wire Cr/Al, insulated junction thermocouple, 0.5 mm dia, to measure Glow-Wire temperature.
* Motorised specimen carriage preloaded with force of 1.0 N when in contact with Glow-Wire, and carriage is drived by common motor.
* Mechanical stopper limits movement of tip of Glow-Wire in to the specimen to 7 mm.
* Universal, adjustable stainless steel perforated tray mounting bracket to fix test specimens.

Technical parameter:
Power source: AC 220V 50Hz.
Heating Element: Nickel/Chromium Glow-Wire (80:20) , 4 mm dia, shaped as specified in standard.
Temperature Sensor: Sheathed Cr/Al thermocouple, 0.5 mm dia, located in tight fitting pocket hole in glow-wire(Made In USA) .
Temperature Range: Ambient to 1000C adjustable.
Temperature Precision:+-10C.
Max Output Power: 1000W.
TA= Glow wire application time, range = 0.1~ 99.9 s (Factory set to 30 s) .
TI= Time when specimen STARTS burning.
TE= Time when specimen STOPS burning.
Sample Loading: Test sample contact force against glow wire preloaded to 1.0+-0.2N.
Penetration depth: 7 mm.
Carriage: Automatic, motorized forward & reverse motion of Test Specimen(Using common motor) .
Safety: Emergency Switch, MCB & fuses.
Dimensions:1150W x 650D x1550H, mm, overall, approximate.
Package Dimensions: 1210W x 760D x1556H, mm, overall, approximate.
Weight:200KG, approximate.