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Glow pigment, glow powder, called as glow pigment, glow powder, glow in dark pigment, glow in dark powder, glow in the dark pigment, glow in the dark powder, photoluminescent pigment, photoluminescent powder, photo luminescent pigment, photo luminescent powder, luminous pigment, luminous powder, luminescent pigment, luminescent powder, glowing pigment, glowing powder, nigh glow pigment, night glow powder, night light pigment, night light powder, luminated pigment, luminated powder, etc. glow in the dark place after charging by sunlight or lamp light, even UV light source and glow in the dark place for hours.

Glow pigment can be used in a variety of organic mediums including plastic, rubber, paint, fiber, glass, resin, wax, ink, etc. to make the final products glow in the dark.

The pigment is water resistant, water proof. In another word, the pigment can be applied in glow in dark water-based paint. It is easy to use by simple mixing and stirring. The character of glow in dark is repeatable.

Material: Strontium Aluminate based.
Appearance: Yellowish crystal powder.
Average particle size range: 25~35um.
Luminous color: Yellow-green.
Free of dangerous, toxic, heavy metal, radiation.

Dosage range: 5~50% by weight according to application.

Sample order quantity: 1kg. (packed by vinyl bag, G. W. 1.15kgs, bag size:180mm x 105mm x 20mm)

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Zhongbang Chem specializes in manufacturing and marketing of glow in dark pigments and relative products.

Products range:
1. Glow in the dark pigments (glow in yellow-green, blue-green, sky-blue, blue-purple, red, orange, etc. )

2. Glow in the dark plastic products: printing photo paper, film, sheet, plate, pebble / stone, garden lights, etc.

3. Glow in the dark rubber products: football, cup chaps, keyboard, etc.

4. Glow in the dark glass products: arts & crafts, glass, mosaic, etc.

5. Glow in the dark fiber products: shoelace, string, rope, etc.

6. Glow in the dark customized products. OEM supplier.