Sell Glow threads for embroidery

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Lightleader can offer glow in the dark threads for embroidery.
At least 6 colors are available.
150d*2ply or 75d*2ply are available.

Lighteader can also offer 2 series of luminous yarns----75D/18F,150D/36F(FDY, DTY) photoluminescent polyester filament yarns in 5 colors and 2.5D*38MM polyester staple fibers in white color;150D/72F(FDY) , 500D/120F(UDY) , 900D/120F(UDY) photoluminescent polypropylene filament yarns in 5 colors. They can be used for embroidering , weaving or knitting. Lighteader can offer luminous threads, ropes, cloth, toys, hair, etc.