Sell Glucono delta lactone CAS No: 90-80-2,

Glucono delta lactone CAS No: 90-80-2, You May Also Be Interested In: bread biscuit chocolate banana gdl glucono delta lactone lactone
Kosher certificate FCC IV
1, Concreting for bean curd:
Use GDL as concreting to make bean curd, which character is whiteness and delicateness, salineless, without albumen loss and the high rate of output, also operate convenience. Whereas a little sourness for only GDL in precessing tofu, herein, we usually mix GDL and CaSO4 or other concretion in rate of 1:3~2:3 for making bean curd, with dosage 2.5% of dry bean, and best temperature about 40.
2, Intermedium of medicine
GDL can be used in medication such as Glucose and some other medicine, as the nutrition additive avail to health.
3, Preservative and keep fresh for food
Many food have a further expiry date and delicious when add GDL such as: ham, fish, bread, biscuit, meat and so on.
4, Gelatification for milk
It is mainly used in producing acidophilus milk or cheese. In industry, its twice gel intensity for use GDL in acidification than ferment, with dosage about 0.025%~1.5%.
5, Improving the quality of food
Use GDL for lunch meat and pork tin, it can improve the effect of chromosome for reducing the dosage of nitrite, which has strong toxicity. Also GDL has the emulsification and preservative function, for improving the quality of meat can, with the maximal dosage 0.3%.
6, Acid condiment
GDL can be used in vanilla, chocolate, banana, jelly and so on. It is the main acidity matter of compound swelling agent, It can produce carbonate gas slowly, used for making delicious pastry. Moreover, GDL can be used by dairy products and beer industry for preventing milk lapis and wino lapis. Also used in disposing waste water which being proteid as lbumen flocculaten. Its used widely as swelling agent in food industrial.