Sell Glycerine, Cocodea and Coconut Fibre

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1. Glycerine Usp is used for cosmetics, sourced mainly from Indonesia and Malaysia
Clear, colorless, odorless, syrup liquid, sweet taste; hygroscopic; soluble in water and alcohol; insoluble in ether, benzene and chloroform and in fixed and volatile oils; low toxicity; combustible.

2. Cocodea is raw material for shampoo and any soap, sourced mostly from Indonesia and Malaysia
Mix of coconut fibre and diethanolamin. Cocodea is used as a thickening and foam (about 3  5%) stabilizing ingredient in dish washes and shampoos.

3. Coconut Fibre ( for mattresses) , sourced mainly from Indonesia and India
A high quality fibre for mattresses

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