Sell Glycerine 99.5%

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Dear Sirs,

We shall arrange supplies Glycerine 99.5% for regular monthly shipments @ USD 1750/-. per MT CF


Synonym: Propanetriol
CAS No.:
Molecular Formula: C3 H8 O3
Molecular Weight:
Structural Formula:
Sales Code HYHGLY-995
Grade Super-class
Appearance Transparent No Suspension
Flavor No peculiar smell
Color(APHA) !\ 20
Glycerine(%) !] 99.5
Density(20!f g/ml) !] 1.2598
Chloride(Cl %) !\ 0.001
Sulfuric Ash(%) !\ 0.01
Acidity or Alkalinity(mmol/100g)!\ 0.064
Saponification Equivalent(mmol/100)!\ 0.64
Arsenic(AS, mg/kg) !\ 2
Heavy Metal(pb, mg/kg) !\ 5
Reducing Substance No precipitate, No silver mirror

Usage: Widely used in textile, food, paper making, metal working, paint, daily chemical, petroleum chemical, medicine, tobacco and war industry, etc.

Properties: Colorless or yellowish transparent viscous liquid. No poison, peculiar smell or corrosiveness, but has strong hydroscopicity. It can form various esters reacting with organic and inorganic acid and form polyglycerol under particular conditions.


Packing: In 250kg net galvanized steel drum or plastic drum. Store in dry, cool and ventilated place.


If interested, let us have your valuable business making propositions for your present requirements.

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