Sell Glyceryl monostearate ( Glycerine monostearate )

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We are a manufacturer and exporter of chemical products in china, we produce glyceryl monostearate ( Glycerine monostearate ) . We export our product to Globe markets that is because the quality of our products is the best. The glyceryl monostearate is a king of additive and emulsification which is used the most widely and the maximum consumption in grease chemical industry and household chemical industry. The HLB value of glyceryl monostearate is 3.6-4.2. In addition to its emulsification, it also possesses the functions such as generating depositing, removing deposition, antiaging and protecting aliphatic acid from depositing. It is a typical non-ion surfaceactive agent. Monoglyc ester is light yellow wax type of solid, it is taken as emulsification and and surface actived solvent, in food and cosmetic, it also is PVC transparent pouder lubricant. This product does not dissolve in water, thermally dissolve in greese. wax. grain alcohol. chilroform. aceton. aether. This product is mainly used in the following industries: <1>Food and candy additive, it is taken as emulsification adding chocolate, synthetic cheese, icecream, ector as surface actived solvent. <2>Product cosmetic, skin care solvent face cream cold cream, hair oil, etc raw material. <3>Good emulisification of medical ointment. <4>Lubricant in plastic machining.
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