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Common Name: Glyphosate
Chemical Name: N-(phosphonomethyl) glycine
CAS No. : 1071-83-6
HS Code: 2920901910
Molecular Formula: C3H8NO5P
Molecular Weight: 169.08
Physical Properties:
Appearance: Glyphosate is a colorless crystal at room temperature.
Water Solubility: 12,000 mg/L at 250
Solubility in Other Solvents: i. s. in common organics (e. g. , acetone, ethanol, and xylene)
Melting Point: 2000
Vapor Pressure: negligible
Partition Coefficient: -3.2218~2.7696
Adsorption Coefficient: 24,000 (estimated)
Glyphosate is a broad-spectrum, nonselective systemic herbicide used for control of annual and perennial plants including grasses, sedges, broad-leaved weeds, and woody plants. It can be used on non-cropland as well as on a great variety of crops. Glyphosate itself is an acid, but it is commonly used in salt form, most commonly the isopropylamine salt. It may also be available in acidic or trimethylsulfonium salt forms. It is generally distributed as water-soluble concentrates and powders. The information presented here refers to the technical grade of the acid form of glyphosate, unless otherwise noted.
Technical Purity: 95%TC
Formulation Type: 98% IPA SALT
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