Sell Goji Polysaccharides

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40-50% goji polysaccharides extracted from Ruby Goji Standard goji berries.

Main Use: Nutritional supplements

Packaged in plastic bags shipped in 25kg cardboard canisters. Also can produce encapsulated product if required by customer.

Today, science has identified three reasons why goji thrive in Ningxia:

(1) GOLDEN EARTH  Ningxias mineral-rich alkaline soil is perfect for goji cultivation. The golden earth is the source of the goji berrys abundant trace minerals like selenium, chromium, germanium, etc.
(2) SUNSHINE  Ningxias distinct climate has very intense daytime sunshine, but, because of the elevation, there are also cool nights which are necessary to stimulate the goji to produce more polysaccharides. The day and night temperature differential can be as much as 15˚ C. Despite the radical drop in night time temperature, Ningxia still has the necessary 180 plus frost-free days required to grow the best goji.
(3) HIMALAYAN WATER  Runoff from the Himalayan Plateau forms the Yellow River and its tributaries which provide goji the water it needs without the berries suffering the damaging effects of rain.