Sell Goji Seed Oil

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The seeds of Ningxia goji (lycium barbarum L) are rich in the contents of bioactive substances for life growth and development. Analyses indicated that wolfberry seeds contained 68.3% of linoleic acid, 19.1% of oleic acid, 3.8% of N3-linolenic acid, 1.3% of N1-linolenic acid, 27mg of vitamin E and 263mg of N2-carotene in 100g of seeds, 0.25% of lipoid, many trace elements, epidermal growth factors and SOD. It has been proven through many clinic tests that goji seed oil has the functions:
1) Reducing cholesterin in blood plasma, lowering the content of cholesterin in haemal wall, and preventing hyperlipemia and atherosclerosis
2) It deeply penetrates into skin and stimulates blood circulation and helps skin metabolism, reduces the oxygen free radicals and prevents the skin from premature aging. It has nourishing, rejuvenating properties that increase skin elasticity and assist skin growth and repair. Strengthening skin hydration in favor of skin pliability and elasticity.
3) Remarkably reducing age pigment and chloasma
4) Strengthening sex driving, especially for the older
5) Curing glaucoma and cataract, in particular

This wolfberry seed oil is a new product of supercritical CO2 extraction technology.
It is characterized by high purity, stable quality and non-pollution. It is an orange-yellow transparent liquid.