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Is Wolfberry Juice made with wolfberry from their hometown Ningxia Hui Municipality?
Although they grow in the wild, Wolfberry is not cultivated in China in sufficient quantity for large-scale distribution. The Wolfberry used in our Wolfberry Juice is selected from the world's best-known growing region. It is Xinjiang in the pristine Heavenly Mountains of western China. We use only these wolfberry that conform to the precise Spectral Signature fingerprint and balanced polysaccharide profile of the original Wolfberry.
Will our juice has difficulty sourcing wolfberry?
We have several sources of supply for wolfberry and we have no concerns about difficulty in sourcing them. Meanwhile we have our own base in Ningxia.
Are the 4 polysaccharides unique to Wolfberry Juice?
The 4 polysaccharides are unique to wolfberry, but can vary in quality depending on the ancestry of the plant and the growing conditions for a particular region in a particular year. We are ensure that you always receive the same high potency polysaccharides in exact balance when you drink our wolfberry juice.
What's all the fuss about ORAC?
ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) is a non-official, non-governmental, private for-pay service that puts a product through a simple test that results in a number that represents what they call "total antioxidant power. " There are many different classes of antioxidants, however, and they each work differently. To a scientist, the ORAC number means little because it does not give specific information about what kinds of antioxidants are present.
While wolfberry juice does have antioxidant power, its true power comes from another source: its unique Master Molecule Polysaccharides, which simply cannot be found in any other plant on earth. Dozens of published scientific studies have confirmed that these polysaccharides are the most important bioactive components, and are responsible for the incredible health benefits of the wolfberry. The list of the benefits of these polysaccharides can be found in many famous report, and we sincerely believe that they are nothing less than astounding.
How much wolfberry juice should someone drink on a daily basis?
We recommend drink 225ML after meal daily. There are no known side effects from drinking more than that (other than smiling too much!) .
How long does it take before an improvement is seen with wolfberry juice?
Everyone will receive benefits within different time periods depending upon their body's nutritional needs, however, most people will begin to see noticeable results within the third month.
How do we ensure the quality of wolfberry juice?
We has a strict Quality Manufacturing Program to ensure that you receive the same consistent, standardized quality in every liter of wolfberry juice. Our Spectral Signature is your assurance of potency, purity, and authenticity in every bottle.

How is Wolfberry Juice different from other "Juice"?
There is never any added sugar, artificial sweetenersartificial colors or flavors in our wolfberry juice.
Is wolfberry juice organic?
Although our Wolfberry Juice is not certified organic, it is produced to the highest standards of ecological and environmental responsibility. The wolfberry growing field has presented many challenges, so we are working toward a cooperative program of organic certification for our grow technology. Until then, you can be assured that, like every our wolfberry products, Wolfberry Juice is certified to be free of detectable pesticide and herbicide residues
Why do our wolfberry juice not emphasize the vitamins and 18 amino acids that are in Wolfberry?
Our wolfberry juice is a high-tech drink, specifically designed to preserve the content and balance of the wolfberry's delicate and highly protective polysaccharides. It is standardized to a consistently high level of polysaccharides, in perfect balance. Dozens of published scientific studies have confirmed that these polysaccharides are the most important bioactive components, and are responsible for much of the benefit of the wolfberry. That is why we have chosen to focus on this aspect of the wolfberry, rather than emphasize the other nutritional aspects of this remarkable plant.
After wolfberry juice is opened, how long can it stay out of refrigeration and still remain effective?
For best-keeping qualities, keep Wolfberry Juice refrigerated after opening. It should not be left out for any more than 72 hours, the same steps you would take for any food or beverage that must be refrigerated.

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