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Dear Sir/ Madam. We are working on plastic industry in Istanbul Turkey. We want to put into practice Project for our company and also for environment. While ago I broadcasted an advertisement. With that advertisement I mentioned that I am looking for original polycarbonate raw material and also have enough polycarbonate water bottle scrap and want to sell it. But unfortunately when we called Turkish government customs, we are told that according to Turkish customs, we can not import scrap from abroad. We are sorry for this problem but want to find out some solutions. Right now we have enough pc scrap. What we want to learn now is whether if you buying scrap or not. If yes I want to sell all my scrap products. But the real thing is that I need an original raw material or granule to make 5 gallons pc water bottle. Now I am looking for companies who makes pc granule from scraps. You may do it and can sell us back our scraps as in a granule shape after recycling. Maybe you know someone else who does that.

1. We need companies who are looking for pc scrap. The company may want to sell us their own pc granule or our scrap back after making it granule. I believe there are companies over there and you can help. It will not cost you anything. Because we will send our scrap for free and will also pay transportation. Then we will be waiting to buy them back as granule shape.

2. When we try to make water bottle by using pc scraps, what we have or brought from abroad, after scrapping and washing them; our bottles are becoming a bit dark blue. We need your advice if you have any that what should we use to make bottles color light blue. Is there any chemical material that can help to make color light blue as an optical brighter. Where can we find and buy this material. If we can solve this, we also want to import huge amount scraps from abroad too.

3. We are looking for investors who want to work here with us. The investor will make granule from scrap. That granule should be bottle grade and ready to make 5 gallons water bottle again.

4. For all these of our work, we are looking for consultant who can work from her/his own place or he in Istanbul. That person can be anyone, a student, a chemist or etc. and will be paid. We are collecting large amount pc bottles but because of this problem, most of them are becoming unusable. We need support from anyone who can interest. Please contact us if you want to make business and join our environmental project.

Ayhan Obuz
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Kayisdagi Mahallesi
Akyazili Caddesi
Istanbul, NA, 81260, Turkey
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Ayhan Obuz
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