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We have a Gold buyer we work with directly and have done gold transaction with before, who is interested in GOLD in all of its various forms. Our buyer is willing to take what is available as long as the product is proven legitimate and the process and specifications match that which is below. At this time, travel will not be part of the agenda, we must first try to complete an initial transaction, and then gold
must be smelted and assayed by a registered GOLD refinery for us to proceed. .

After concluding the first successful transaction there will be a visit to your mines
along with an opportunity for the possible offering of mining equipment for your GOLD operation to increase efficiency and production.

Price: The buyer is looking to pay USD $ 8,000kg ( wholesale )

The buyer will only use Swiss Procedures

Location of the Gold: We need to know which country is the gold located in and if the gold is currently located in a warehouse or bank ?

**** For Gold Bullion Bars  Seller Must Show Proof of Product before Buyer Shows

Proof of Funds as per Swiss Procedures and International Laws

Buyer will then pay for the Gold Bullion and pick it up themselves. ****

*** For Gold Dust & Gold Nuggets  The Procedures are below ***

For Gold Dust & Gold Nuggets transactions we need to know if the seller will take care of shipping which will be refunded after smelting to make sure that the gold is real and not fake. It is a common African scam to sell fake gold and when they buyer receives the gold and smelts to find that it is not really and is fake.

The seller is welcomed to send their own escort(s) with the gold to location where it is shipped and be there in person to get paid after the gold is smelted and determined to be real. The seller is also welcomed to escort the gold themselves and/or come along with the escorts as our sellers have done with us in past transactions we have done.

The Shipping Costs will also be refunded by the buyer to the seller along with the cost of the gold after it is determined that the gold is real and not fake onsite in front of the sellers escort(s) .

The buyers needs the GOLD shipped insured and, if necessary,

escorted to the sellers (at buyers cost) refinery.

The buyer will not incur any upfront costs.

So what kinds of things are we talking about when we say upfront costs ?

1) Re-assignment fees

2) Shipping to the United states

3) Plane tickets or Visas for your representatives to come to the United states

4) Anything that the buyer has to pay up front before the gold is smelted and essayed.

Listed above are the things which we will not pay upfront but we shall discuss re-imbursement for after the gold promised is delivered and paid for.

So what kind of price are we looking for? We would like to procure your gold dust somewhere below the $8000 per kg range. Of course, the lower the price the more we will most likely purchase from you immediately and on a continuous basis. Please keep this in mind when you send offers back to us.

Documents we need from you are as follows

1) A (FCO) full corporate offer from your mining company for the specified amount of gold you are offering.

*** All FCOs submited must be dated no more than 48 hours from when submitted to us ***.

2) A certificate of origin for the GOLD you are trying to send to the refinery, sealed and stamped by your governing agency over your gold.

For Gold Dust & Gold Nuggest  In addition to the above requirements also:

3) We will need a certificate of Ownership on Gold Dust & Gold Nuggets.

We would like to build a long term and profitable relationship with you or your provider. Please contact us immediately either through phone or email if you can comply with the specifications listed above. We are looking to close a deal as soon as we confirm the authenticity and existence of the product. We DO NOT DEAL WITH NON-PEFORMERS SO PLEASE DO NOT SEND US MISREPSENTED OR FRAUDULENT OFFERS. These offers will quickly be discarded by our experienced associates, leaving no future business opportunities for anyone involved. Please get in touch at your convenience. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

I look forward to your reply and hope
to hear from you soon.

Best regards,

Dan Garfinkel
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Any Quantity