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We are currenty buying gold dust, gold bars and gold nuggets. PLEASE CONTACT ME FOR OUR DRAFT CONTRACT FOR BUYING GOLD. We will ONLY buy CIF to the refinery where we have a bullion account set up to pay for the gold. The refinery is located in Los Angeles, California. You must be able to send the gold directly to the refinery without any help from us. Under our contract the refinery will process the gold for us and pay the seller from our bullion account. The gold remains the seller's until it's paid for from our account. You may wait at the refinery until this process is done. It takes two days for melt and assay on 50kgs, longer for larger amounts. Contact me to discuss the price and the amount we can recieve.
Thank you,
David Stein
The Pacific Gold Group, Inc
Minimum Order Quantity
50 Kgs
Terms of Sale