Buy Gold Wanted

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Dear Sirs,
I'm the assistant Mandate for Minerals Unlimited Company. It's people like me that find people like you for the Mandate and Buyer. We've been buying gold for over 40 years and have come up with an easy way to purchase gold that is working for a lot of our Sellers. All gold must be sent to one of the refineries were we have a bullion account in place. One is David Fell and Company in Commerce, California near Los Angeles. The other is AGR MATTHEY in Perth, Australia. The gold is sent to the refinery were it is smelted and assayed. This usually takes two days. On the second day the money for the gold is sent by wire transfer from our bullion account at the refinery to the Seller's account. If the Seller wants to sell gold to us then we send him a contract to buy the gold right away. But first the Seller must state what the discount is or the cost of the gold so we can put that information on the contract. The discount were looking for is a 10/8; however we don't insist upon this. We pay for all refining charges and smelting fees at the refinery which is stated in the contract. We will not pay for shipping or anything that has to do with getting the gold to the refinery. No BGs, No LC's, No SBLC's, No BCL's, No Bank Instruments of any kind. We will not pay for the Insurance on the gold or Travel. Get it to the refinery and we will buy all that you can provide. We will even sign a 5 year contract for future purchases. Which ever refinery is easer for you to send your gold to please do. That's it, if youre interested in doing business with us please contact me at you earliest convenience. If you would like to do a test run of 50kg to 100kg to see how everything works contact me and I will send the sample contracts to you for your perusal.
Best Regards,
Dana R Simon

Supply Capacity
5MT per month
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
5 days
Minimum Order Quantity
10kg to 50kg
Terms of Payment
Wire Trasfer from Bullion Acct.
Terms of Sale