Sell Gold bars for sale. FOB Hong Kong.

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1. Quantity 1700 MT; (600 mt, 600Mt, 500mt)
Format: 12.5kg or 1kg bar, 999.5% or better.
2. Hallmark:Internationally Recognized. Expired/ Out of date.
3. Discount: 6% net to buyer;
4. FOB Hong Kong

The procedure is as follows and the terms cannot be changed:

1. Seller issues FCO

2. Buyer signs SPA and issue LOI

3. Seller also signs SPA and henceforth the bullion transaction begins

4. Buyer issues BCL( Bank Comfort Letter) to confirm Euro 250,000,000.00 at HSBC or Standard Chartered Hong Kong; as proof of buyer's financial capability.

5. Within 14 days of POF verification, seller confirms quality and quantity of commodity and issue SKR(security warehouse) . Buyer is welcomed to inspect the commodity at safe-house in Hong Kong.

6 MT103/23 shall be issued to Sellers Bank equal to the value of each and every tranche before each delivery.
7. The Buyer and/or his Bullion Bank has twenty four (24) international banking hours to authenticate the Commodity, once Item #6 above is triggered, and the Buyer and/or his Bullion Bank can inspect with due diligence the supporting documentation.

8. After having satisfactory authentication of the Commodity, the Commodity and Funds exchange and Ownership Change shall take place in accordance with Normal International Bullion Banking Procedure and Practice. Buyer takes responsibility to get permission to get the commodity into his bank if needed.

9. Subsequent Rolls and Extensions, if taken up, shall strictly adhere to the above procedure.

Let me know if you can proceed.

Thank you.