Sell Gold pearl pigment

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Dear Sirs,
We are professionly manufacturers of pearl pigment. Now we can supply more than 100 specifications of pearl pigment, They can be widely used in the lines of painting, coating, plastics, ink, cosmetics and so on. The following is our best sellers for your reference.
LB205 Platinum pearl
LB215 Red pearl
LB218 Bright red pearl
LB219 Violet pearl
LB225 Blue pearl
LB235 Green pearl
LB201 Fine gold satin
LB211 Red satin
LB223 violet satin

LB300 Gold pearl
LB302 Gold stain
LB303 Royal gold
LB304 Mayan gold
LB305Aztec gold
LB306 Olympic gold
LB307 Turquoise gold
LB308 Classical gold
LB351 Sunny gold