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Golden Nail porcelain teeth Porcelain goods from the advantages of pure feldspar, quartz, and other raw material composition, produced by high-temperature vacuum, a dense, high strength, Anterior nailing gold tooth in the central circle of platinum, solid, reliable, corrosion resistant
1. Color and integration -- by the design of the inner layer of natural teeth enamel and dentin layer color layer transition harmony, resembles natural teeth with the integration and color.
2. No toxicity -- in the long-term oral use safe, non-biological toxicity. 3. No gaps and other deficiencies -- profile without visible gaps and other deficiencies.
4. Surface finish -- smooth surface, grinding patterns changed after polishing good performance.
5. Performance bond -- and methacrylic acid resin base material with good.
6. Color Stability -- UV irradiation test no obvious color changes. 7. Anti-whitening, anti - deformation and anti-splitting performance -- a full boil without blushing, deformation and cracks.
8. Dimensional stability -- denture base in the production of the goods after heat treatment changes the size of the original size of less than 1 2%.
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