Sell Golden Sunstones

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Golden Sunstones

The stones are available in large amounts faceted or uncut. From a private mine in Mexico

Millions of $ appraised by Lloyds of London and in a bonded USA warehouse

Golden Sunstone resembles fancy yellow diamond, both in terms of brilliancy and dispersion!

Unlimited quantity of cut gems possible to meet any conceivable market demand;

Range of sizes from under 1 carat to 100+ carats, all flawless or eye-clean;

Totally uniform color in all sizes and shapes of equal size up to about 25 carats (the large stones appear a bit darker in shade only as a result of greater light absorption due to their greater thickness) ;

All gems are essentially flawless and glassy;

These stone to be given a interntional showing in about 6-8 months. Establish a relationship with the seller/owner now.

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