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We produce 99% pure gold foil soft china handcraft series, using the ancient technic together with the modern industry design sense, showing the beauty of Chinese custom famous drawing, modern technic drawing and Chinese favonian drawing to you through combining them together with pure gold foil, giving you the feeling of simplicity, elegance and fashion.

Every procedure of this series of products is made by hand. All of the designs are carved by skilled folk masters who have been engaged in the design of soft china for scores of years. Every stroke is the crystal of their feeling of the craftwork and shows their intelligence of art, which indicates their pursuit and punctiliousness of niceness. And the last procedure is made by masters hands to annotate the meaning of every work. One piece of work will take half of a month to several months from gestation to completeness. Every work is created perfectly to the utmost.

There are technical china tray and technical frame of the series of the product. The surface of the sculpture on the soft china is backed up with 99% pure golden foil, which embodies the pattern and details of the product, giving you the feeling of magnificence and elegance. This works is absolutely worthy collection and is the best gifts to your friends.
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