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Golf Power Ring (for irons) and Golf Magic Ring (for woods) were invented by "CHAMPION GOLF ACADEMY" in Korea. The products have obtained patents from many countries and are very popular with many golf manias.

The performance of GOLF POWER RING and MAGIC RING is as below.

-It adds 20-30 yards to your swing
-It prevents slipping even when the grip is wet
-It improves your accuracy and tension-created miss-hits
-It reduces your slice
-It prevents blistering
-It brings confidence to your golf swing
-It fits all iron and wood grips

By investing in this simple inexpensive golf aid, you can experience much improvement in both your golf grip and swing, thus leading to improved accuracy and distance. Invented and manufactured in Korea, The Power & Magic Ring is currently being used worldwide by millions of men and women golfers, and is now available in Hong Kong, China & Thailand through Island Range Sports.

It is a common fault of many golfers to grip the club too tightly resulting in tension in the arms and shoulders and causing tension related miss-hits. Using the Power & Magic Ring will enable you to loosen your grip pressure without fear of letting the club slip out of your hands. Loosening your grip pressure will automatically decrease tension, increase your swing speed and help you release the club correctly through impact, hence resulting in longer, more accurate golf shots.

2 types of packaging containing 3 Magic Rings (for Woods) , 6 Power rings (for irons) or 15 Power Rings (for irons) are available. See packaging

Retail price

Golf Power Ring - Irons: Mini Pack (6 rings)


Golf Power Ring - Irons: Large Box (15 rings)


Golf Magic Ring - Drivers & Woods: (3 rings)


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