Sell Golf Tee Keeper Set

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A brand new and unique golf accessory which provides golfer a extremely convenient golfing circumstance.
Easy to het spare tee without opening golf bag.
Quick to keep your score by using the pencil on tip of your tee.
No longer to bring a sharp pencil on your pocket. No more water new pencil.

It's good for golfing and save resource for the earth !!!

1. Snaps onto golf bags
2. Quick and easy access to tees
3. Eliminate pocket holes
4. Eliminate jabbed fingers
5. Tee Keeper can be combined for our traditional tees, bio degradable tees or tee writers
6. Keep for various size tee
7. Tee Writer - Combime 2-1/4 inch tee and score pen in one
8. Ideal gift & promotion item
9. Avaliable for printing customer's logo
10. Easy to use
11. The color of your choice