Sell Golf gift- 5-piece set of golf training aids

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FIVE high quality and excellent sets in a fine wooden boc, and can easily be put in bag!

A fine wooden box, can be put into the bag!

Square-Putting Trainer (SPT-500) : Can immediate effect for you to know what your putt face angel is during the putting process. To distinguish and declare objectively your putting face and angle-Square, Open or Close. Tunable-Criteria for all levels'players. Easily exchanged for the left-handed. More exercise methods to choose.

Hand Grip (HG-001) Two methods for practice: Used separately & bound on a club. Fit for every club in your bag.

Metronome & Rocker Detector (MRD-200) : Two action modes: Sounds/ Vibration. A Metronome helps you have consistent tempo and consistent ball striking. A Rocker-Detector detects Upswing and Downswing. Two functions can work together or simultaneously.

Follow-Through Responder (FFT-100) : Helpful to imitate exactly the world's top players' follow-through.

Functions Scorer(FS350)
18-Hole-Par set for any standard golf course in the world.
To note Shots, Putts and Hit-Fairway for a hole
At the same time to note total score total putts or total fairway-hits etc.
Helpful for beginner to learn golf.