Sell GolfAchiever - the most precise golf simulation with laser technology

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By using modern laser-technology, the GolfAchiever is the most precise and mobile
golf and swing analytic system on the market.
Many Golf shops are already using the GolfAchiever for club testing and club fitting.
Pros are using the system with the swing analysing software "GAVAS" for modern golf lessons.
For the passionate hobby golfer, we offer for the first time a complete and affordable
golf system, that delivers to you all data from every single shot. Not only do you see the
ball fly, it will you show the club impact, and if your slicing or hooking; well just everything.

Golf shops:

New golf clubs appear nearly every week in many different variations.
How should a customer know which set will be the right one for him or her?
Which driver is best suited for my swing and club speed?
Just recommending a club which is new and fits is not the way to select the right one.
The best solution to have a satisfied customer is to let him try a few clubs, to find out which one will improve his game with the equipment best suited to him.
Big golf chains use expensive golf simulation systems which will cost 50.000 euro and even more, to help the customer select the right clubs.
This result for these expensive golf systems does not justify the price. Many of the systems used, are only for entertainment. Most of these systems do not give you a precise scanning of the ball or the club.
Serious golfers will see immediately, that a sidespin or the starting angle is not correctly displayed, giving a distorted view of the ball in flight.
Besides the high cost of purchasing these systems and the amortization, the cost of maintaining adds to the total cost of a rather inefficient system.

What makes the GolfAchiever different?
The most important issue is: precision.
Only through operating a laser system, can ball action and club movements be captured accurately.
Items like the club head speed, angle, speed and action of the ball as well as the path of the club throughout the swing are all captured through this system.

Austrian golf stars like Markus Brier and Tina Schneeberger have tested the system and were enthusiastic about the results.
The precision of the system, which showed all played fades and draws exactly, surprised even the top golfers.
Markus Brier was so impressed with the GolfAchiever, that he bought one for practicing at home.


The use of the GolfAchiever by the Golfpro not only make instructing, independent of the weather or season, in other words a year round application, but also displays a multitude of information making it easier for the student to see what he is doing, and for the pro to correct any problems before they develope into a undesirable habit.
The student can look at the graphic display of his swing and correct any mistakes through the use of the video analysing. For optimum results it is best to engage a pro.
Every swing will be recorded automatically, digitally and displayed in slow-motion. The details of your swing, movement of the head and upper body can all be analysed through the graphic display.


What we are offering is a system which is both mobile and affordable for private use at home.
Most of us play 1 or 2 rounds of golf each week combined with practice at the driving range.
We all know for real improvement we should practice more then this.
Now golfers have the possibility of using this practice device on a few square meters,
which allows them to practice the whole year, no matter what the conditions are outside.
One of the bonuss of the GolfAchiever is that the desired weather can also be simulated.
A small corner were you can swing a club unobstructed is all the space you need.
Only 30 minutes practise per day is equal to 180 hours training on the driving range.
But with the GolfArchiever all important data will be shown and brings more accuracy
to your swing without driving somewhere to do it.
The lucky ones who have enough room and are not discouraged by an investment of about 7000. - Euro, can lower their handicap easily. Practice of course is required.
Stressed business people can lower their stress and impress their business partners.


The GolfAchiever constructs a laser net which scans the ball, the shaft and the club head. By doing this all relevant data, like club head speed, ball trajectory and the path of the swing are recorded and analysed.