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Name: Gossypol
Botanical source: Gossypium genus, Malvaceae
Appearance: Fine white powder
Specification: 98% by HPLC
CAS No. : 303-45-7
Molecular formula: C30H30O8
Molecular weight: 518.6
Melting point: 177-182'C

Cotton plants produce gossypol in order to slow down the reproduction of the insects that eat cotton bolls and seeds; The compound also affects reproduction in mammals. Pressed cakes of cotton seeds, a byproduct of the cotton industry, are sometimes fed to livestock with unintentional contraceptive effects.

The effect of gossypol on human male fertility has been known in China for many years. Specifically, researchers showed that the oil affected male fertility. Eventually researchers isolated the contraceptive compound gossypol from the cotton seed oil.

Packing: 25kgs/ drum