Sell Gotu kola P. E (Asiaticosides)

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Helps prevent Varicose Veins/Hemorrhoids :The circulatory improvement occurs
because gotu kola decreases vein hardening, improves the connective tissue around
veins, and helps the blood to flow through. Overcoming stress and fatigue: Gotu kola contains sedative and an abundance of "anti-stress" B vitamins, this kind of vitamins can be effect in relaxing body. It can be used as a nervine and general tonic. Wound-healing and scars: Research showed that a Gotu kola extract enriched
with asiaticoside stimulated the synthesis of collagen by fibroblasts in vitro and it
helps reduce the redness and thickness of scars by causing them to mature faster.
So Gotu kola extract can be used for wound healing purpose and removal of scars
in the skin.
Leprosy : Research has shown that asiaticoside may provide treatment for
leprosy. Leprosy-causing bacteria are coated in a wax-like substance that the
immune system can't penetrate. However, gota kola dissolves the waxy coating,
allowing the immune system to destroy the bacteria.
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