Sell Gourmet Coffee

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I am a wholesaler/distributor of Gourmet Coffee.

Our Gourmet Coffee has been tested and rated to have 'superior quality' beans by the local and international labs.

Our state of the art gourmet roasting plant is equipped to ensure that the flavors developed in our blends and delivered consistently, batch after batch.

We utilize top of the line roasters with the latest time and temperature controls with roasting capacity in excess of 5 million lbs. every 90 days to enable us to meet your quota or your needs on a regular purchasing cycle and shipment to your facility.

We offer 19 different varieties of coffee blends:

Regular Blends:

1. Americana Blend
2. Columbian Blend
3. French Roast
4. Jamaican Blue Mountain
5. Kenya AA
6. Kona Blend
7. Kona Fancy
8. Mediterranean
9. Mexico
9. New Guinea
10. Panama
11. Peru
12. Salvador
13. Signature
14. Sumatra Mandheling
15. Tanzania

Decaffeinated Blends:

1. Costa Rica
2. French Roast
3. Guatemala Antigua
4. House Blend
5. Premium Columbian Blend


Fractional packs of 1.5 oz. , 1.75 oz. , 2.0 oz. , 2.5 oz. and (5) lb. bags in regular & decaffeinated, beans and ground.


We have a unique, classy packaging, Vincent Van Gogh's painting 'Cafe Terrace at Night' with a logo of 'a man with a hat & pipe', our exclusive.


Fractional Packs - $.60 to $.85/pack; Suggested retail price - $1.25 to $1.95 a pack

Coffee Beans - $3.80 to $36.00/pound; Suggested retail price - $4.95 to $38.00 a pound

Minimum Order Requirement: 5 Pallets

We are committed to offer the highest quality of gourmet food products, and excellent wholesale pricing structure at all times for all our customers.

If you are interested to distribute our complete line of gourmet products, please feel free to email me.

Thank you for your time.


Annie Tan
Annie Tan & Associates