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20 year aged Balsamic, Orleans Style and Cherry Vinegar. Our client's traditional vinegars are made exclusively with the native American Muscadine (Vitis Rotundifolia or Rotundifolia Muscadinianna) a grape of distinctive character are prepared and aged in specially chosen old barrels in their Solera over time to reach perfection. With these vinegars a few drops translate a culinary dish into a new dimension. The finished elixirs are well balanced and have the unique flavor of the Muscadine grape while retaining the varietal characteristics of the grapes with subtle characteristics. The making of their vinegar a traditional balsamic vinegar follows a precise set of time honored procedures which some say date back as far as the 11th century with one significant exception, native American Muscadine cultivars have been crafted to transmit their classic character and unique quality. Selected lots of Magnolia, Carlos and Noble cultivars were chosen from vineyard property in the Southeastern United States, the only place where the Muscadine grows, fermented into wine and acetified. Unlike the sharp tastes we usually associate with vinegar, the product presents a rich dark complex of sweetness and intrigue.
Supply Capacity
2000 cases per month
Available Colors
red &26 white
Condition of Goods
20 year aged
100ml &26 250ml bottles
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Minimum Order Quantity
50 cases
Terms of Payment
Terms of Sale