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HK300 " Medical Healthy Fit Knee High socks 300D "
Protecting knee-high stocking
*Prevent varicosity 300 dannier and relieve legs fatigue; Travelling hose can prevent thrombus:suitable for long time journey, it!&s available to prevent thrombus because of sitting or staying at a narrow place for a long time.
*Easy fit:easy fit and comfortable to wear. Healthy protect:to relieve feet fatigue and prevent the crus being thick.
*Compression:Pressure design to enhance blood cycle, Foot, ankle is 20HPA, crus 14HPA.
PEVITAL:Avaible to relieve legs fatigue.
Airy:special processing, dry and comfortable.
Features---shaped legs:enhance blood cycle and prevent varicosity&distortion effectively.
*The ankle support socks can be wore with the general socks with a view to be protected. It!&s suitable for long time journey wearing or people who need to stand for a long time. Besides, people who are legs fatigue, playing golf or hiking are all available.
*Notice!XThe following users should be consulted with the doctor before wearing the stockings:people whose legs is in pain or bloated because of sick or hurt; hypertension, cardiomyopathy, bad kidney sufferers; prurigo or spotty skin as well as irregular blood circulating sufferers. Moreover, the improper size should avoid to wear which to prevent obstructing blood circulating.