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Grain bucket elevator

TDTG series bucket elevator is a kind of handle equipment for continually
and vertically transportation of grains, which can be widely used in
different industrial lines such as oil , feed, flour , seeds, starch, grain
and so on. Taking advantage of the present bucket elevator situation both
at home and abroad, we have designed TDTG Series Bucket Elevator, which
already caught up the advanced national standard levels.
Work principle
Once connected with power, the transportation system (available to users
demands) will make the elevating belt move from bottom to the top
continually. Then it will get to the bucket that is fixed on the bucket
belt and through which materials can be put into the mouth of the loading
systems, then the materials will be transported to the elevator head. The
elevator head was designed like a parabolic curve so materials can be
reclaimed from unloading mouth. Meanwhile the empty bucket will move back
to the elevator seat by the drive of bucket belt, once it is full of
materials it will be elevated to the top again. Repeatedly like this it can
meet the needs of vertical ransportation.