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Food Crushing Machines are economical and pratical machines for small medium family enterprises. The machine is making thin all of beans paper's thinnes on fore example; barley I wheot ete. Its working with house eleetric. We recommend you wet beans before you are crushing. lts make food everything weful for animals. in this way, it dosen't influe need of foreigner hard materials in producd-(Stone, nail etc. ) The prodtuctnvity inereases % 100 for example, the farm is having five animals. in this farm, the farmer does win this maney in five month again. ]n this way , production is two fold increase with conscionus food. Food capacity is 950 kg/h.

TECHINICAL CHARECTERISTICS: 3 Hp Monofaze Electric Motor/Engine. 1400 d. min. 2.2 kw. 220 Volt Can Work of Nehvork Electric. Redbad Rulman System. Lubrication System Wlth Grasvr. 950 Kg. h. Food Crushing To Capacity. Automatic Fuse to Safety. System Safety Wlth Rotor S trop And Graovedrim 2 Nicked Waltz System.1 Active of Motor. 1 Independent Of Motor. Shoes Opsorber Safety Betv/een VValtzes. Basket Swideness For Tree Tin Beans. HEALTYH BW]LD]NG , LONG L]VED. . . BREATH:1200mm LONGTH:1500mm. HIGHNESS:1400mm WEIGHT: 135 kg.
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