Sell Granite

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We can supply the following good quality Granite Slabs in different colors viz. White in black dots, light Red & dark Red, Black with dots, Green and Tamarind seed color, Black with golden spots.


12 X 12 X 10mm (thickness)

12 X 24 X 10mm (thickness)

12 X 21 X 10mm (thickness)

Generally Granite is available in the above-mentioned sizes. If you require the above sizes in 20mm, we can arrange the same from Slab.

24 X 7/8/10 X 20mm (thickness)

30 X 7/8/10 X 20mm (thickness)

36 X 7/8/10 X 20mm (thickness)

If you require Granite of any other dimensions, please feel free to inform us.

Please send us the name of the port-of-destination and help us quote our best price.

Also send us your company profile.