Sell Granule for rheumatism rheumatoid disease and ankylosing spondylitis

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BI KE KE LI, ---- a special remedy for rheumatism.

Rheumatism, rheumatoid disease, arthralgia, osteoarthritis, scapulohumeral periarthritis, uterine tetanus, gout, ankylosing spondylitis and other rheumatic diseases.

BI KE KE LI is a breakthrough in the international development of Chinese medicine science. It can clear up the BI-toxin (wind, coldness and dampness) balance the immune system and cut off the vicious circle chain of BI-toxin and immune system disorders. BI KE KE LI can not only eliminate the symptoms of rheumatoid diseases but also renew the balance of immune system and make the physical and chemical index back to normal.

BI KE KE LI ---- medicine to cure rheumatism with no harm to stomach, liver and kidneys.

BI KE KE LI adopts Chinese herbal medicine which comes from the remote mountains of Gui Zhou. Through scientific test and clinical trial, it is safe and nontoxic. It overcomes the weakness of other medicine that could only combat toxin with toxin.
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