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Product Name: Grape Seed Extract (specialized manufacturer)
CAS: 56211-40-6
Active Ingredient: Proanthocyanidins
Formula: C30H26O12
Formula Weight: 290~1154.3
Structural Formula:
Spec: Polyphenols>=90%& Proanthocyanidins>=95%, 98%(UV)
Appearance: Reddish brown powder
Plant part: Grape Seed or Grape Skin
Total heavy metals: <10PPM
Loss on drying: <=5.0%
a) 5kgs in an aluminum foil bag, 4 bags or 5 bags in a fiber drum
b) 25kgs in a double layer plastic bag, then in a fiber drum

Storage: Store in cool & dry place. keep away from strong light and heat.

Human case reports and results from laboratory and animal studies show that grape seed extract may be useful to treat heart diseases such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol. By limiting lipid oxidation, phenolics in grape seeds may reduce risk of heart disease, such as by inhibiting platelet aggregation and reducing inflammation. While such studies are promising, more research including long-term studies in humans is needed to confirm initial findings.
A polyphenol contained in grape seeds is resveratrol which may interfere with cancer cell growth and proliferation, as well as induce apoptosis, among a variety of potential chemopreventive effects.
Grape seed components may also be active against HIV by inhibiting virus expression and replication.
Preliminary research shows that grape seed extract may have other possible anti-disease properties, as follows:
Grape Seed Extract in wound healing -- grape seed proanthocyanidins induced vascular endothelial growth factor and accelerated healing of injured skin in mice.
Grape Seed Extract in tooth decay -- seed phenolics may inhibit oral sugar metabolism and retard growth of certain bacteria causing dental caries.
Grape Seed Extract in osteoporosis -- grape seed extracts enhanced bone density and strength in experimental animals.
Grape Seed Extract in skin cancer -- grape seed proanthocyanidins decreased tumor numbers and reduced the malignancy of papillomas.
Grape Seed Extract in ultraviolet damage to skin -- dietary proanthocyanidins may protect against carcinogenesis and provide supplementation for sunscreen protection.
Currently, there are four clinical trials underway to assess the effect of grape seed extracts on human breast cancer, blood estrogen levels in postmenopausal women, and coronary artery disease.
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