Sell Grapefruit Essential Oil

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Suitable for all skin types.


1, Psychology: A must in seasonal mental disorders.

2, Physical: :Effictively improve edema, beriberi, alopecia. Lose weight, accelerate the exudation of bile. ease headache, purge kidney and vascular system, balance digesting system.

3, Skin: Cleanse, de-congest and astrigent; can hydrate and regulate sebum production, prevent acne.


1, Skin:Apply a droplet into warm water, hot pack on face.

2, Body Shaping:Mix 3 droplets with 5ml base oil, then massage to reduce fat.

3, Air fresher:In car or room.

Essential oils and floral waters make beautiful perfumes.
Unlike the man-made perfumes bought from shops, essential oils are natural and have a more attractive aroma as well as a therapeutic and reviving effect.
Always dilute essential oils before use, see massage instructions.