Sell Graphite Gasket Seal

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The gasket is an equipment part or material which prevents fluid leaking and keeps dust away from equipment. The gasket is classified according to its application places. One is the gasket used for non-moving parts. And the other is the packing using for dynamic parts.
It is available in almost all kinds of materials including raw rubber, synthetic rubber, leather, plastic, asbestos, paper, wood, steel, copper, lead, alloy etc. )

Graphite gasket is Cut from pure graphite sheet or graphite sheet with metal reinforced, Graphite Gaskets are characterized with excellent resistance to corrosion and high-and-low temperatures plus good compression resilience and high intensity. They are widely used in pipes, valves, pumps, pressure vessels, heat exchangers and condensers etc for sealing purpose.
Thickness: 1.5- 4.5mm
Temperature : -270-800 degrees C
PH: 0-14