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Special graphite for green non-mercury battery has been in production after ultra-low molybdenum high purity graphite came into production. It possesses the features of high purity (99.9%-99.99%) , good electric conductivity, and low content of trace elements. The stable technical properties ensure that it can greatly improve the living life of battery, and also be an important raw material of green protective non-mercury alkaline battery.
Simple technology parameter:
Fixed Carbon: more than 99.9%
Moisture: less than 0.2%
Bulk density: 0.22-0.26 g/cm?
Product gas: less than 0.2 ml/g5d
Partical size(-455m) :more than 90%
Mo: less than 0.1ppm
Fe: less than 25 ppm
Cu: less than 2 ppm
Co: less than 2 ppm
Cr: less than 1 ppm
Cd: less than 0.01 ppm
Pb: less than 0.1 ppm
Bi: less than 0.05 ppm
Al: less than 20 ppm
Zn: less than 0.5 ppm
Mu: less than 1 ppm
SO4 2-: less than 50 ppm
Si: less than 10 ppm
F-: less than 15 ppm
Ni: less than 0.1 ppm
C1-: less than 15 ppm
Mg: less than 30 ppm
Ca: less than 35 ppm
Ti: less than 1.5 ppm
The above technical indexes can be adjusted according to the user's different requirements.
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