Sell Graphite Rigid Felt

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7Low thermal conductivity
7Low heat capacity
7High thermal stability
7Shape retentivity
7Low adsorption of gases or vapors
7Erosion resistance

Item 1 Graphite rigid felt

Treat Temp 1800 oC
Bulk density 0.220.26 g/cm3
Carbon content >=99.83%
Thermal conductivity 0.17 (14500) W/ (mk)
Specific resistance 4.55.5*103 (Ohms) mm2/m
Strength for pressing 0.31 MPa
Strength for bending 0.31 MPa
Ash content 0.15 %
Environment to use 1650--3600 0

Item 2 Graphite rigid felt

Treat Temp 2200--2700 oC
Bulk density 0.18 g/cm3
Carbon content 99.9 %
Ash content 200 ppm
Thermal Conductivity 0.25 W/ (MK)
Compressing Strength Face 0.7 side 0.16 MPA
Flexible Strength Face 2.0 side 1.0 MPA