Sell Graphited Ramie Packing With Grease

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XHC-1006 Graphited Ramie Packing With Grease


It is applicable to water, oil, weak acid, alkali, salt form. It is especially suitable to be used in bad medium conditions such as grinding in dry condition, powder, dust. Ash removal and slurry pump is one pf the most important links of power plant. Using former packing will lead to the results of short period, serious leakage, easy rot, deterioration and polluting environment. After using this product, the life span has reached over 3 months. The application of this product for feed water pump of power plant, booster pump and large-scale water pump of waterworks received good effect, the life span reaches over half a year, some can be up to one year.


It has the characteristics of low friction coefficient, corrosion resistance and doesnt wear the shaft. So it is ideal packing for shipbuilding industry, power plant, and the application of cold water treatment, seawater and cold oil.

Technical parameter:

Temperature -200- +3000C
Pressure 36MPa
PH Value 2-13