Sell Gravity metal detector  JL-IP

Gravity metal detector  JL-IP You May Also Be Interested In: electromagnetic induction
The whole stainless steel structure with detecting head, durable in use
Adopting advanced electric and mechanical designing technique, the appearance is novel and beautiful
Suppress the effect of the products effectively, up to the best detecting condition
The signal is finished by digital circuit, it is simple to change, and reliable to use.
Detect such many kinds of metal materials as the iron , stainless steel , copper , aluminium and lead , etc.
Superb interactive interface, the liquid crystal of LCD display, Chinese and English menu , as well as convenient operation.
Autolearn function can detect many kinds of products
Memory functions can store the measuring parameters up to 99
Performance is steady, obtaining the ideal measuring environment by changing the sensitivity
Work in succession . green light is power on, red light is alarm
Without products in the probe field, the machine is in the sleep state, when it is passed through, the machine can work.
The running speed can connect with production line of factory
(adjustable ) , detect automatically
Stainless steel structure


Detecting method
Electromagnetic induction

Passing diameter

Fe#0.8mm, SUS#2.0mm

220V 50Hz

Alarm method
Auto rehect / alarming / lighting

about 80kgs
Model Number
Warranty Coverage
1 Year