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Gravure Ink
Gravure inks as a class are alcohol soluble and safe for the environment. The main solvent is alcohol and secondarily ester; there are no aromatic toluene or ketone solvents, which are harmful to the health. These inks are mainly used in tobacco packaging, food packaging and the label industry. Substrates include art papers, white board, gray bottom, glassine paper, 17g paper, tipping paper, decorative paper, metal PET, coated foil, shift film, laser film and pearly-luster film.
Characteristics: gravure inks can be adjusted according to the requirements of the printing equipment, notably high-speed and low speed (30-50m/min) printing machines and sheet-fed gravure presses. The excellent printability of gravure ink is suitable for large area solid and screen-printing. Finished products excel in high gloss, color fastness, brightness and clarity.

Flexographic Ink
There are two types of flexo inks; solvent-based and water-based.
Solvent-based inks use ethyl alcohol as the main solvent and retardant to adjust drying speed. They are suitable for various kinds of flexo printing equipment particularly the Gallus and Aqua flex units. Flexo inks can be used with a variety of substrates, especially non-absorbing substrates like shift film. Flexo inks give clarity without any loss due to rapid drying. They are especially suitable for flexo printing of tobacco packaging.
Water-based inks are used with a PH regulator. This type of ink has high color strength and brightness, good transfer and low odor, strict requirements for some products, and they are suitable for various kinds of flexo printing machines.

Offset Ink
The high gloss offset inks of the Pergola-SD5, SD8 , SD9 series are suitable for high-speed four-color offset press and double-colored offset press. They can be used with art paper, carton and glassine paper among others. They are the perfect choice for printing exquisite albums, photo quality images and luxurious paper packaging.