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Product Name: Green Coffee Bean P. E. Plant Origin: Coffea arabicaSpecification:Chlorogenic acids 10%-60% HPLCLike green tea, green coffee bean extracts (GCBE) contains strong antioxidants in the polyphenol family. The primary polyphenol antioxidants in green coffee bean extract are in a family known as chlorogenic acids (CGA) . Meaningful, if still preliminary, evidence hints that CGA may help reduce blood pressure. Other proposed uses of GCBE are based primarily on its caffeine content, as well as observational studies of ordinary coffee consumption and the possible health benefits of antioxidants in general. Action:1. GCBE products are sometimes said to help prevent diabetes; however, this claim derives only from weak evidence involving consumption of ordinary coffee, and cannot be relied upon at all.2. GCBE has also shown a bit of promise for aiding weight loss, perhaps in part due to its chlorogenic acid content. The caffeine in GCBE might also provide a slight weight loss benefit.