Sell Green Laser Fine Marking & Etching Machine

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LD-MK-G1015 High-Speed Galvanometer Green Laser Fine Marking & Etching Machine, output green laser wavelength is 532nm, the diameter of the light point is much shorter after focalization, the energy is denser, the efficiency of transformation from electricity to light is higher, the quality of laser beam is better. The whole machine is well-protected, and the marking is convenient to control. This machine is suitable for the fine marking & etching of various metal and nonmetal materials. It is especially suitable for the fine marking & etching on the surface of several rigid and brittle materials such as jewelry, bowlder, agate, crystal, glass, pottery & porcelain, gold, silver, copper, platinum, rare metals, alloy, and etc. Also it is used for the fine marking & etching of plated, spray-painted, plastic or silica gel products. The marking & etching is fine and speedy.

1. The etching, anti-fake, and characteristic processing of jewelry and ornaments such as gold, silver, platinum, bowlder, agate, stone, crystal, and etc;
2. The LOGO coding and marking of mobile phone screen, LCD screen, optic parts (e. g. : optic lens) , automotive glass, and other glass products;
3. The lettering of keystrokes, the LOGO marking of consumer electronic products, the coding of fine micro-electronic parts including electronic components, IC, diode, and crystal oscillator, the etching of precision hardware, glasses, clock & watch, PC, various meters, PCB panel, and control panel;
4. The anti-fake marking of 3M paper barcode and 2D code.